We are glad that you thought to know about us.

We are equally curious to reach to people like you who firmly believes in the Vedic (Ancient Indian) culture and endeavors to imbibe them into next generation. We are here to assist you in your those endeavors, that is all we can best describe to ourselves.

We are professionals from very different walks of life and our decades of experience at Fortune 500 is of no use here and so we are beginner here. We only used to be passionate readers of Vedic scriptures, until we become parents and realized that there are almost no toys in the market connecting kids to their ancient (original) roots. Combining Vedic knowledge with Creativity we are determined to bring a change into the Indian Toy Industry. Needless to say how current Indian toy market is primarily driven by Western influences made in China. In our journey to Shastra Krida, we came across few traditional toy manufacturers on the verge of extinct moreover they are not competent with other players for one or other reasons. We are hoping to bring them also to light so that more people can have access to such traditional toys, down the line.

The whole consumer world is aggressively promoting their products and services by targeting the children so that they become their early adopters and grow as their faithful customers. We are also working on the same line with the only difference that we are trying to serve Vedic Wisdom in the form of Toys based on Scriptures without any deviation. There could not be a better tomorrow without better citizens – of course better than us.

We are determined to bring Ancient Vedic Scriptures to life by creating toys and games telling stories of the bygone age with ever great details. It is our humble attempt to serve all the great parents out there providing value education right at home.

All our product designs incorporate elements of nature and other eco friendly materials. Each element is designed in great detail with as much relevance as possible to actual scriptural description. A great amount of research and hard work have been put into before shaping each element.