Buying vs Building

If you are in hurry please go ahead with your buying decision, else spend couple of minutes to understand our motive.

We do promote making toys yourself rather than buying and using them out of the box, as there is much more involved in creating something. We encourage making of playthings all by yourself for your loved ones. This may sound difficult if you are novice with crafting, we will support you at each stage of making, you just need to spare some time for yourself.

We provide detailed instruction right from procuring raw materials to final products available with us. Detailed documentation yet to come, meanwhile you may refer to our YouTube channel Shastra Krida for the same.

  1. Spend time for things that you love to do
  2. Learn about new skills and beings
  3. Create something that didn’t existed before
  4. Float your idea into the universe, they will Manifest
  5. Ultimately, there is nothing like the feelings of creating something and giving it away to loved ones or just anybody…

Give yourself a try…

Still if you would like to buy it, our playthings are available on Indic Brands.